The powerful Digit DCut feature is designed to give you total control of your vehicle. In situations where a vehicle needs to be recovered, the DCut system can be remotely activated by secure SMS to either bring a vehicle to a safe stop or prevent it from being moved.

With Digit DFuel you can keep track of your diesel refuels and consumption, for vehicles, plant and stationary tanks. We offer live diesel level reporting and diesel theft alert! Imagine what knowing is worth to you.

Digit DCam accommodates up to five HD cameras and records an event in real time, all the time! It takes you to the event with forward, rewind and slow motion options. Cameras and recordings can be remotely accessed and viewed. Seeing is believing!

Using the reliable Digit DTag system, you can identify who drove which vehicle and when. During live tracking the current driver will be displayed. No more blaming each other.

With Digit DTemp you can monitor the temperature of your valuable cargo, live! These measurements are documented for your records.

Dash Tamper is a feature that gives you a head start on the guy trying to steal your vehicle. The tracking unit will send you an SMS as soon as the dash is being stripped. If you don't have it, you will never know how good it can work for you.

We all know panic buttons do not always work. This is mainly because the panic notification gets sent to a control room somewhere, manned (hopefully) by someone. Digit's is different. The panic notification will be sent to up to three user-defined cell numbers. So you can decide who will get an SMS if you are in trouble.

Digit's Crash Detection does not use an internal accelerometer, but rather an accurate, re-settable external impact detector. Once a crash is detected, an SMS will be sent to up to three user-defined cell numbers.

Digit's Jamming Detection will notice as soon as an external device is switched on to jam the signals of the tracking device. A tactic which is used more and more as these devices become more affordable to the syndicates. Once jamming is detected, the unit will immobilise the vehicle through the DCut feature (if installed).


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